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I am a big travel fan and have gotten the bug from my family. My sister traveled the world for eight months through Europe, Asia, Australia/ New Zealand, and a little of South America. Cool, right? My mom lived in Germany when she was little. My brother travels a lot for work (and just for vacation!), while I’m writing this (in June of 2014) my dad and step-mother are in Norway, and also while I’m writing this I’m relaxing at the beach (Bethany in Delaware). I definitely want to study abroad in college and would love to see the world more. Also, right on the top of my bucket list is to see all 50 states.

One of my favorite memories was just this past Christmas going to Thailand with my mom, brother, sister, and her boyfriend. (You can read part II right here)

A few other write-ups on travel are listed below.

Travel guide for D.C. (my hometown- holla!) Oh, and here’s another one that I attempted to write a series on- didn’t work.

one day guide to washington


Once again, my Thailand travels… (and part duo)





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Happy travels, readers! I would love to here about your travels so comment below or send me a link to your blog. I am always looking for suggestions of places to put on the list!

I would also love to learn where YOU would want to go next, so also let me know in the comments!


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