House Tour

Disclaimer: Obviously I live at home with my mom because I’m 15.

Also, please note that I just want to get this up, so some of the rooms are not shown, but will be soon! Thanks!

*Notice: this house has gotten a lot of work done, but we still have some big plans coming up!*

Thankfully my mom and I are pretty much on the same page when it comes to decorating (yet I still have to persuade her sometimes) here is our home:


Since my mom bought the house (in the early 80’s) she tells me that the siding used to be green. I don’t know who made that decision but I am very proud of her for painting it white.

Click here for a more detailed tour of outside.

– The Foyer –

We have a cute little entry way looking a little like this:


(Excuse the mess, it’s gone now, promise!)


If you are looking closely, you miiight see a cat in there somewhere #spotted

A few years ago the yellow was painted on, but we have grown to not like it. We painted and added board and batten, and removed the runner, but we STILL need to fix that darn door.





– Family Room Turned Dining Room

Before was pretty bad. Fake paneling, cheap-o built ins and bad couches kept this room a little… ugly:

It was painted the same yellow that the foyer has (which we still don’t like, but so so much better than the old faux wood look). We decided that (after however many years), making this a dining room would be a lot more functional for the space.

photo 2 (2)

photo 3

Here is how it looks now after we got a new table off of craigslist (for only $350!), got some new Parsons chairs and switched some rugs around.


– The Living Room –

In the 15 years of my life I may have used this room about 5 times. If that. Here is the before:

photo 2

(Sorry for the weird photo, it was a bad time of day to take a photo)

photo 3

When we got the idea of making the family room a dining room we thought that this would be the perfect time to perk things up a little bit. So far we have sold the piano, put the couches in here, moved the cabinet into the (now) dining room, and painted. Looking into the future we would love to get a new rug, get a couch with a chaise, and put some built ins in to make the room look a bit more complete and loved.

– The Hall Bathroom –

Just a few years ago our hall bathroom was filled with swan wallpaper, old fixtures and an oversized mirror. But I don’t have a picture. Sorry.

Now it’s looking beachy and fresh with a new vanity, coat of paint and some art on the walls. In the future (I’m guessing/ hope) we will replace the floors, but as for now we are just planning to keep them clean. :) They are in good shape, so they are definitely at the bottom of the to-do list.


– The Kitchen –

My FAVORITE room in the house with the beautiful white cabinets, one of the two bold colored rooms in the house and so much function going on. BUT, every great after starts with a horrible before, amiright? It’s totally weird to think that just 3 years ago our kitchen could have should have been re-named ugly city:

Kitchen Before 7

And now…

image (2)


Now, you may be thinking that there is something just off. I get it. I actually just realized that the glass cabinet above the sink and window needs to go. A pendant light will take its place.

Here is the pantry. We want to organize it a bit, but we are absolutely loving the pullout drawers. Looking to the future, I think that staining the wood a bit darker would be lovely. And organization is going on the to-do list as well.

photo 4

We absolutely love love love out IKEA cabinets, hardwood floors and the big sink (even though we wanted a farmhouse sink).

Tip: please don’t use the installers that IKEA recommends. They were so awful.

– The Beverage Center –

Back in the day when my parents bought this house, the area connecting the house and the garage was a laundry room. They took the wall out and it became a mudroom-type thing. We barely ever used it. Here is the view from the other side of the kitchen. If you look closely, we had a bulletin board, Williamsburg blue floral coat rack and filing cabinet and then at the other side we had some random dark wood wicker dressers.

Kitchen Before 5

Now it is a little beverage center, one side for coffee, one side for alcohol. We absolutely love what we have done with the space! Now for a little art…

– The Sunroom –

Before we even had a sunroom, there was a deck which was just a slab of concrete with a peeling wrought iron rail. I can’t find a before picture right now, but if I do in the future, I will surely put one in here!

Before the major reno time, my mom decided that it would look nice to have a mosaic look on their which we loved so much.

It was filled with recycled granite, which you can probably guess was pretty pricey.

At some point during the whole process inspectors figured out that the deck was built wrong and slowly was pulling away from the house. Not a very good day. We had to rip out all of the new granite and start all over. For about a year it was just some sliding doors to nowhere until we built a lovely all-season room.



We are super happy with the way it turned out, but as you can see we are not near the finish line just yet. New furniture is in the future because this room is the sort of hand-me-down.

– The Deck –

There is no before because there was nothing there. When the sunroom was built my mom really wanted a deck built off of it but darn permits didn’t allow it to be very big. Here is what we have now:



We recently put some red adirondack chairs and a fire pit together back there. (More on that here)

– The Basement –

Warning: our basement (at least the laundry room) is a complete mess.

When I was going into second grade my mom transformed this space from 70’s to functional. I don’t have a great before picture but imagine a bar (yes, like a full sized bar), ugly floors, fake panelling and a very not-working-disgusting-gross bathroom.

Right now holds an L shaped couch (which is mega comfy), some bookshelves (not the most attractive), a gallery wall (mostly of my grandfather) and a weird little sitting area.

My sister and her boyfriend went on a little world tour (I know) so for a while their apartment was living below us for a while. And actually (as I said before) it is all now in Boston.

This is our favorite bathroom in the house because of the gorgeous shower curtain and the ladder bookshelf.

The unfinished laundry room has some peel and stick tile, new washer and dryers and tons of stuff that just needs to be purged and organized. Hopefully that will be done soon!

– The Stairs –

Our stairs used to have carpeting, but we figured out that hardwood was under them so they were torn out. Some paint, art and (hopefully!) board and batten will make it look a whole lot fresher. Note the gorgeous pineapple lighting that greets you at the top of the stairs. Hopefully soon we can get a simple pendant to replace it.


And now that we have painted and added board and batten


– The Upstairs Hallway –

Same as our stairs, the foyer and the family room, the upstairs hallway is yellow. Personally, I want to paint it gray, but that will be decided in the future. I also think that some board and batten connecting to the stairs would look super pretty along with some simple art.

– The Master Bedroom –

(This is my mom’s room)

I don’t have any before pictures, but it wasn’t too too bad.

It has been painted a soft gray and all of the furniture is from Arhaus.

– The Master Bathroom –

For a while absolutely nothing was working. The shower? No. The sink? Nope. There was some pipe or water or some issue up there that, honestly, I couldn’t care less about.

Here is what it looks like now after a complete overhaul:

– Bedroom One –

(And this would be my brother’s childhood room)

This room is definitely the most “masculine” room in the house. When we have guests this is usually where we stay but we have plans of brightening it up a little with some lighter colored paint.


– Bedroom Two –

(My sister’s when she stays here)

This is definitely the biggest of the four non-master bedrooms.

– Bedroom Three –

(My room)

Before was the home office which was barely used. My old room had Winnie the Pooh wallpaper because it was my brother (who passed away when he was eight months old) and my’s nursery so for sentimental reasons I just couldn’t paint it. Nor could I bring friends over. So the idea of making the home office into my bedroom came to be. Here is the before:

photo 3

So far I have finished my headboard (post soon!), put in a queen sized bedtook out some built ins, painted, and refinished a desk (post soon!), but my to-do list is grows every time I look at it, so more is to come!


(Sorry for the crumby picture! I will update it ASAP)




– Hall Bathroom –

This house was built in the early 70’s and this bathroom surely shows it. Here is the before:

Upstairs Bathroom Before 6

Bathroom Before 2

With its lovely seashell wallpaper and impossible-to-turn-on faucet it was time to gut the two-part room. We love the look of subway tile, white cabinets and bead board, so all of it went into the design bucket.


– The Backyard –

Nothing too special, but here is how it looks:








Hope you enjoy and comment below if you have any questions. I’m like 99% 100% sure that I forgot something.

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