I have a severe black thumb, but some houseplants that I picked up at the Home Depot a few months back are still alive and kicking!





(I didn’t even know that our windows were dirty! On that now.)

Now, since I’m not a plant person, I have zero clue what they are called. Apologies! The plants provided at the Home Depot/ Lowes also may depend on the region. I do know that all of mine say that a lot of light is needed, so I put mine in our sunroom.

We water them whenever the soil looks a bit dry; about once a week or so. After about a month of keeping them alive (!) we repotted them in to something a bit “fancier”- I put that in quotations, because all of the planters are from IKEA- my personal favorites are the woven ones.

P.S. Since I had my camera out- and my cat was near- how could I not take pictures of my dapper little Maxx?

IMG_2366 IMG_2350Beautiful boy. His sister was hiding.

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