Bedroom Mood Board

I would call this a guest room, only because I would prefer a chunkier/ more storage heavy nightstand and a more plush headboard if it was my bedroom. That’s just me, though! I think this would go great in any style of home, and especially sweet in a beach house.

Bedroom 001

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1- I love this print and I think that it would be so cute above the dresser next to a vase with some fresh flowers. While I think that TVs in bedrooms are totally a personal decision, this would look so cute in lieu of one.

2- Seeded glass is my friend. I love the dark look of this lamp and I think that it would contrast very nicely with the nightstand.

3- I don’t think that I’ve met a wingback/ boxy chair like this that I haven’t fallen for. They are so classic and would be a great place to cozy up in with a good book.

4- Here is where this room gets nautical. Topped with some books and the lamp, I think that this nightstand would be perfect for the room.

5- When I saw these prints, I immediately thought that they would be perfect grouped over a bed. Aren’t they sweet?

6- Umm… this bed. You guys. It’s definitely a splurge, but that quatrefoil? Holy vintage, Batman!

1- I love tall dressers and white pieces, so… yes. The four drawer thing at the top is perfect!

Have a great rest of your Sunday!

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