Easy Vacation Photo Gallery

I’m definitely not the first person to do this, but I love how it looks in our house, so I thought I’d share.


It’s always nice to remember vacations by printing out photos and framing them, right? Here are some simple steps to create a little gallery wall.

How to create a simple gallery wall

Here are the supplies needed:

Supplies needed for an easy gallery wall


(frame source)

Das it. Das es good.

Vacation photo frames gallery wall

Vacation photos made into a gallery wall


Just in case you were wondering, the photos were (from top left to right, and then from bottom left to right) the Canadian Rockies, which is where my dad and stepmom went honeymooning when they got married; a sunset in California when my dad and stepmom a few years ago; the Lone Cyprus; a dock where we go vacationing in Wisconsin every year; Nova Scotia? I dunno, wasn’t on that trip; and another dock in Wisconsin.

Woah- two pictures of three places we/ they went. How organized!

And you’ve got a quick collage of pictures that makes you think of lovely memories! And it won’t cost you a fortune, which is always pleasing in my book. :)


P.S.- Happy birthday to my big brother who’s turning 33 today!


Yeah, we have zero, zip, nada photos of just the two of us. Gotta get on that.

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