Le Desk

Ever since I did the project below, I have been in love:


And you will never guess where it was from.

Ikea. I know!

About 249108421 years ago. It’s so old that it’s even solid wood! I KNOW!

Here’s how it started:


Oof. Messy garage.


It was pine-y. It was wood-y. It was not my kind of wood tone.

So I chose a darker stain (Minwax Dark Walnut, maybe?) and got some leftover ceiling paint and went at it:


Got my fancy apronnn ooonnnnn….


Only put one coattttt ooooonnnn….



4 thoughts on “Le Desk

  1. I totally love this project!! You’ve just inspired me. I need a desk so I can be more comfortable rather than sitting at my kitchen table. I’d like a pink desk.. so painting will come soon! But first I need to find a wooden desk. But this project is pretty awesome because it reminds me of an idea from Pinterest.

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