The Conservatory

Well that sounds fancy. Doesn’t it? I’m actually talking about our sunroom.

A few years ago, we had a gorgeous granite mosaic deck out back.

And then we had someone waterproof our basement and they said that the problem was that the deck was pulling away from the house. I have included a perfect drawing of what would have happened, had we not acted upon it that second.

Drawing Of Falling Deck

Ok, so maybe that was an exaggeration. Wouldn’t have happened that second. But eventually we would have a gap between the house and the deck. And yes, thank you. I am a pretty good artist. Wondering what professional program I am using? Photoshop? Bamboo tablet? Nope. It’s Paint. Gotta keep it real.

Anywho. Long story short, we got to put a sunroom on.

And here she is now:


(From the outside)



If you have a cat, you would know why he’s there. Ya just gotta work around them.




The side table and lamp are from Ikea, I have zero idea where the chairs are from, the pillow on the left is from Pier 1 Imports and the pillow on the right is one I made (it will not be staying- it was just practice)


The painting above is a Paul McGehee, and it is called “Old Georgetown on the Potomac”. Obviously we have some hometown pride!


Ah, the ledge. It was not planned. It holds a vent, and we are just planning on leaving it and pretending it’s not there.


So that’s just the little tour. Stay tuned for upcoming updates where we will paint, replace/ update the furniture, and add a carpet and accessories!

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