I am sooo board.

Nope, that’s not a typo. It’s just me trying to be witty.

Why does board and batten appeal to me so much? I mean look at these lovely pictures…







Mmmmm. That’s the stuff.

So. Here is my front hall and stairs now that we’ve added it. I now realize that I forgot to take pictures of my dining room with it! So sorry! I’ll add them after I get home next week. But until then, feast your eyes on this. Ahh. Oh and before I forget, the wall color is Moonshine by Benjamin Moore. Yes, I realize that this looks exactly like YHL, but I promise that it was pure coincidence that we chose the same color. I would have picked Moonshine out even if I’d never seen it in theirs. Promise. And yes, if you noticed, the back of the front door was painted a crisp white. Yum.

Sidenote: The colors are whack in these pictures. Even editing doesn’t work. I tried people, I tried.









Here’s a detail shot because I’m crazy like that.


Ain’t she a beaut? I think so.

See you tomorrow!

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