So Roomy

My room, of course, now that we have taken down the bookshelves and painted!


This was done about three weeks ago. My sincere apologies for the delay. But here are some more pictures because I’m obsessed.





The color is called Gray Owl from Ben Moore after I thought I wanted blue. But the color I chose was awful.

It was not a good color.

And then I told the painters to take a lunch break while I went to the paint store.

When I got there I got that paralyzed feeling of “What color should I get? Gah, what if that’s as hideous as the blue I put up?”, so I went with a nice gray. It’s hard to go wrong, so I chose a chip that I knew looked nice on a wall (Moonshine), looked at the Candice Olsen colors, compared them, and then chose from there. Hey Candice- thanks girl. You saved my sanity have really good taste.

So there’s the story of a paint color.


Update: Here’s the before:


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