Friday Five: What To Do With Books

You’ve got a gazillion books. They’re a mess. A lot of options are ahead of you:

a) donate

b) read

c) store in the attic or

d) use them


If you haven’t read them (and are still interested) I would do so, but if you have a pile of read books that you don’t know what to do with: decorate with them. Amazingly original, right? Yeah, I know. I am a unique one. Although it may sound simple, it can often be deceiving how “easy” it is. Here are some tried-and-true mixed with some new ideas for decorating with books.

1. Place on bookshelf vertical and horizontal.

How to do a modern bookshelf, combining horizontal and vertical book displays, with natural elements, travel curios, and pottery.


In my opinion, this just looks so good. There is just something about it. Also, you don’t have to turn your head to read the spines. Holla!


2. Display on a shelf.

book display


Isn’t that room so cute? I love how this look makes a little visual library. Also, it takes up a lot more wall space and 3D effect when the covers are facing forward.


3. Put some in the kitchen.

Hutch organization - can put cook books in here!


Obviously you can store cookbooks, but if you have open shelves or a china cabinet, why not but some vintage hardcovers on there as well?


4. On a nightstand.

his nightstand


Is this nightstand charming or what? I just love the masculine simple vibe. I also live the little gold animal (rhino?) that sits on top of the books to give it that “topped off” look.


See you next week!

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