Woah, Re-do!

I have decided that I don’t want to go by season for the D.C. one day guide, so instead, I am going to do a JAM PACKED day in D.C. I realize that some can do all seasons, and it is not realistic that you go four times a year. A-duh.

Also, I will add pictures over time!


1. Get up around 8:00 am, if not, earlier. I would then go crazy and buy breakfast. I know. See, my dad always finds hotels with continental breakfasts, but since you’re only here one day, why not splurge? Here are a few recommendations…

Carlyle. What’s better than those pre-meal doughnut-type bread rolls? Nothing.

Firehook. This is one of my favorite cafes, ever. Not that anything is particularly amazingly delicious, but I just love the atmosphere and the fact that I only go around Christmastime (well, Christmas Eve to be exact) makes it even more charming to me. I would recommend getting the tuna salad and hot chocolate. Feeling hungry afterwards? Ben & Jerry’s is right by it. #YOLO

Sidamo. I have actually never been here, but it has great reviews on Yelp and it looks really cute on the inside. When I go (hopefully soon!) I will make sure to tell you what I think.

**TIP: If you don’t want to go into a food coma before the day even starts, I would recommend drinking a lot of water before the meal comes, or save some money and split a meal.


2. Go to a Museum. Count your lucky stars if you have a beautiful day. So walk. Or bike. If not (winter, raining, etc.) you can take a cab, but if it’s nice out, there is nothing better than a good walk ’round town. The great thing about D.C. is that (most) of the museums have free access. So here are some I love…

National Museum of American History. Gotta love history.

Newseum. This is one that you have to pay money, but I absolutely love it.

International Spy Museum. Another one where you have to pay, but SO worth it. And check out Robert Hanssen while you’re there. I am sort of obsessed with him. If you’re as interested as I am, there is a movie about him called Breach. It is soooo good.

National Museum of the American Indian. I don’t know why I am so in love with this place, but it is really cool. Trust me, even if it doesn’t sound like your thing, it is really cool.

Museum of Natural History. If you have ever seen Night at the Museum, you know what I’m talking about. Have to say, I have been here probably 15+ times.

***TIP: You just can’t go to every museum in one day, so try to narrow it down in what you’re interested in. I don’t like art museums very much, so I didn’t choose it. If you don’t like history (sorry, we can’t be friends, ha) don’t go to it.

Also, if you have extra time, I would go to the Holocaust Museum. It takes a while, so I would recommend doing it on a different day. However, you could also do just this one instead of multiple.


3. (Obviously) Go to the National Monuments. Here is the order in which I would recommend:

a. The White House (not actually necessary). I say this because you can’t usually go into it, but if you are so inclined, by all means, it is pretty cool.

b. The Washington Monument. In case you didn’t know, it looks like a pencil. :) And you can go in this one.

c. World War II Memorial. Extra special to me because both of my grandfathers served, and also because that is how my mom’s parents met.

d. Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Also extra special to me because my grandfather helped build it (verbally & money wise). Pretty cool guy, my Opa. (That’s grandpa in German, btw.)

e. Lincoln Memorial. It is so gorgeous. Especially when you look out to the Washington Monument at it. Then down to the reflecting pool.

f. FDR Memorial. This is just on here because he was my favorite president, but it is not completely necessary.

g. Thomas Jefferson Memorial. I love his house more, but this is an iconic sight.

h. Take a drive to the Capitol Building. It is realllllyyy far away from the rest of them, so driving would be a good idea.

i. If you have time, try to visit the Arlington Memorial. Another drive, but so worth it. JFK is buried there, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is pretty close to him, and it holds a special meaning to me because it is where all of my grandparents are buried.

***TIP: If you have to narrow it down to just a few, I would choose the Washington, Lincoln, WWII (because it is so close), TJ monuments and also hit up the Capitol Building. Also, you’re probably going to get hungry along the way, so I would just stop at a vender to pick something not-so-healthy there. But I would totally sit down for lunch (maybe here or here) too. It just takes a little more time.


4. Things to do in the Afternoon:

$ – $$:

– Go to the Eastern Market (if possible)

– Take a spin in a paddle boat

Take a hike at the C&O Canal, my favorite time is during fall.

Go to a Nationals Game! (You can get super cheap seats for like $15 bucks or something)

$$$ – $$$$:

– Go to the Kennedy Center or Ford’s Theatre


***TIP: Go to a Nats or Caps game :) And wear red. If none of these sound appealing, go to this list. It has everything.

5. If you’re ready for dinner…

a. The Pig. Um, yummm. They serve everything pig. The best of the weirdest is the cheek.

b. Lebanese Taverna. Not in D.C., but close. And delish.

c. Stray Cat Cafe. Or Lost Dog. Also not in D.C., also delish.

e. Elevation Burger. I really need to go to some restaurants that are actually in D.C.

f. Since I usually eat locally (in other words, I am too lazy to drive down to D.C.), I would give this list a try. Because really, who doesn’t love pasta and pizza?


Well, that just about wraps it up! Comment down below and tell me what your favorite things to do in D.C. is!




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