“Oh No I Really Need A…” Kit

If you’re like me when you’re on the go and disaster strikes, you always need to be prepared, but without weighing your bag down a ton. Well look no further, my friend, this is the post for you.

emergency kit



First things first- no makeup. As in 0%. No mascara, no powder. It’s not necessary.


1. A small pouch. If you put this kit in a pouch, you need an even smaller one to put loose change, the bobby pins or earrings in to make sure everything stays organized and contained.

This is what I would recommend.

2. Business Cards. Your own business cards are great, but just collecting them and keeping them in your purse is good too. It’s an easy way to give people your info, but also good writing space on the back.

3. A Dark Pen. To write on your business cards, of course. You never know when you need to write something down.

4. Bobby Pins or Hair Ties. Or both. Or neither if you have really short hair. I always need them.

5. Lady Products.

moving on…

6. Tinted Lip Balm. I don’t really count this as makeup, but there’s nothing worse than having dry, cracked lips on the go. Ugh. Something with color (I love Burt’s Bees) is great if you are going somewhere were a touch up is needed without carrying a lipstick.

7. Hand Sanitizer. Always great for sticky situations (ha, I crack myself up), but getting one with moisturizer will have two-in-one so you don’t have to bring lotion too.

8. A Brush With A Mirror. Handy if your hair goes nuts and if you need to see what yo’ lookin’ like.

9. Extra Battery. Sorry for my weird drawing, but this is so necessary. My phone runs out of juice pretty quickly, so having a backup is so nice.


What are your favorite things to carry in your emergency kit?


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