The Nursery

IKEA has done a heck ton of great stuff for nurseries, which I am going to share here.

Oh, and I do not plan to be decorating a nursery soon. I am 15, people. I just thought that IKEA had a great selection to choose from and thought I would share it here.

Side-note: I am a baby-safety freak. My mother works for a non-profit called Cribs For Kids which gives out Graco Pack And Plays to families who can’t afford them, so you will notice that there will be no bumpers or soft bedding.

Here is the mood board:

mood board

1. Bookcase With Drawers  //  2. Small Wicker Chair  //  3. Abacus  //  4. Bookshelf  //  5. Horse Print  //  6. Stuffed Animal  //  7. Four Drawer Dresser  //  8. Gray Chair  //  9. Crib  //  10. Stacking Toy  //  11. Small Table  //  12. Wood Cars  //  13. Green Paint

Note: As cheap as IKEA is, you would actually be paying a lot for this nursery. I would totally recommend getting hand me down pieces/ yard sale items or random stuff from around the house to collect and reuse in this room.

1. Bookcase with drawers- I was thinking that this would be good for diaper storage. If you really wanted to spiff it up, I would connect a plank on top of it and then stain it a deep brown (sort of like this) Mmmm.

2. I love the idea of having a little craft corner with a small table and some chairs (yes, I know this is a nursery, but they will be old enough in just a couple of years). This is looking pretty outdated with the oak finish but I love what Chris did, turning it into the chair into a little cozy red seat for her son, Nolan, to sit on. Here is what it looks like:

Ikea Hack Kids Chair

So sweet, right? (Source)

4. I was thinking that this bookshelf would be the changing table like (you guessed it) Young House Love has. Here is what it would look like once everything is complete:

(Source) Gah, gets me every time. It is so. darn. cute. That frame! The green accents! The print (that the scored from Gap) above it! The dragon basket!

5. This horse print would be cute in either a boy or a girls room. So preppy, so simple.

6. Obviously not in the crib, but it would be so cute on top of some books and it looks super soft. :)

7. This would be the cutest and most functional table next to the nursing chair. Tons of storage and it all ties in with the rest of the pieces. Want to go above and beyond? Get some new knobs like these or these and enjoy your gold star. Yes, I am freaking out that YHL has a line at Target now. I may have already bought a few things…

8. I know that this chair is not a rocker, but I love it. You can also make it into a rocker using this tutorial.

9. Standard white crib.

10. I think that this stacking toy is adorbs and would look so cute with the rest of the decor.

11. Again, a baby wouldn’t use this, but a toddler/ pre-school age kid would. I think that putting a couple of the wicker chairs (like above) would be so sweet.

12. Ever since Toy Story 3 came out, I have been OBSESSING over Bonnies nursery, especially the green paint with board and batten:

(Via) Cute, right?

See you tomorrow for another happiness project- related post!

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