The Bedroom

As promised I am doing an IKEA version of a bedroom. Jumping right into it, here is the mood board:

mood board

(Since it sort of looked weird and spacy when I went into the individual products in past posts I am just going to link it a different way)

I. Mirror  //  II. Curtains  //  III. Map  //  IV. Lamp  //  V. Dresser  //  VI. Bedding  //  VII. Rug  //  VIII. Nightstand  //  IX. Headboard  //  X. Chair  //  XI. Paint Color

I. When I get ready in the morning, I love to have an oversized mirror to see an entire outfit. I also love how you don’t even have to mount it, you can just lean it against the wall.

II. These curtains are super cozy and they are perfect for summer and winter which is so nice. Not too light, not too dark.

III. I just love maps. They are visually appealing and this one over the bed would be perfect to pin places that you have been.

IV. For a nightstand it is always good to have light that you can reach to just reach over and turn off instead of having to get up when you want to go to sleep. This lamp is perfect for reading because it will illuminate your page without blasting light keeping you up. (That’s a thing, promise)

V. This gender-neutral (in my opinion) dresser holds A TON and blends right in with the rest of the furniture in the room,

VI. Pinstripe is so nautical, but also so calming and sweet. It’s not a boring white, but it brings an airy vibe unlike if it was all gray.

VII. I recommended this rug to my cousin for her room and I just think it is the perfect bedroom rug. It is soothing and nautical, tying in with the bedding.

VIII. The Lack is a staple IKEA piece that I just couldn’t leave out in this series. There are also SO many hacks that you can do with it like this and this.

IX. THIS HEADBOARD. How have I never seen this?! So much storage, but still comfortable when you’re sitting up in bed! I also love the shaker-esque look.

X. There is something about having a chair in a bedroom that is so appealing. Ties it all together somehow. This chair brings modern elements and different textures that the rest of the pieces lack. Haha get it- LACK? I crack myself up.

XI. Just like YHL’s bedroom I am going with a dark blue, which I think is so serene, yet modern. This particular blue is “Providence Blue” by Benjamin Moore.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post on nurseries! See you then!

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