More Power To Ya

I took a class in school last year about computers. I thought that it would be super boring and I thought that I already knew all that I needed to know. Except in Excel. Couldn’t do it then, still can’t do it now. Actually, I really enjoyed the class and thought I would share some helpful tips.

I want to show you some simple ways that you can upgrade boring, cookie cutter or just ugly PowerPoints.

First, open the program.

1 Main Screen

I use PowerPoint a lot, so I have it on my taskbar, but you can also search for the program to bring it up.


Once you have the program up, click on the tab “View”, and then “Slide Master”

Slide Master is like creating your own template. Instead of going to the “Design” tab and picking from already created ones, you can customize it on your own.

You will already be on the title screen, and I would recommend staying there. To change the font highlight it and then go to the “Home” tab and choose what font you want.


To “make it pretty” I went to the “Insert” tab and added a couple of boxes to make a frame effect. With slide master, whatever you put on will be permanent when you exit.


I still wanted it to be a little less bland, so I changed the title box to a dark gray by going to shape fill and choosing the color you want.


It was too dark in my opinion, and I also wanted to add some dimension, so I decided to make it a little transparent. Go to “Shape Fill”, “More Colors” and a box will pop up. At the bottom you will see “Transparency”. If you drag the scroll it will set the transparent effect.


I chose 50%, so now you could see through it, as seen below:


I wanted to add another layout so I went to “Insert Layout”…


…Clicked “Insert Placeholder”, chose “Text” and “Picture” and…


…drew the little square in the slide to look like this:


If you are a teacher, I would recommend making a daily schedule for your students. I love when teachers have that when I walk in. I just drew some lines, changed them to be dashed, made the categories schedule, homework and upcoming important dates and added a little color.


In case you an an example of what it looked like when it all comes together, I have made a fake presentation. Excuse my sloppy screenshots. Oh, and no, my last name is not Smith.

17- finished 1  19


Well, that’s all folks. I probably forgot something, so if you have any questions ask away in the comments below!

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