A Long Awaited Room Update

Sorry I haven’t posted anything on my room lately! Get prepared to be disappointed… because I haven’t done anything. I know, I know.

Since the last you saw my room it was night time I figured that a little daylight view wouldn’t hurt along with a Photoshop rendition of what I’m brainstorming (fair warning: I have like no knowledge of Photoshop)

Here is how it looks right now:  (and yes, I will update the room tour tab)

BTW, I had bags packed because I’m at my dad’s house for the weekend.
Here is the paint color I’ve chosen:
Are you as surprised as I am that I didn’t choose gray???
Just like when YHL posted when they had repainted their kitchen to “Colorado Gray” and they were mad that it was called that and it was blue (Sherry then named it $her-dog Blue) I promise you that it was pure coincidence that I didn’t pick a gray and it was named gray. Huh.
Looking at pictures of my room it was just so blank so I figured that some color on the walls was needed.
You’re probably wondering what is on my bed in the background. Well that is the fabric that I chose a couple of months ago for my headboard! Here’s a close-up:
Ahhhhhhh. I am so excited to get that done.
Below is my (lame) Photoshop attempt at what the room will (hopefully!) look like in a few months.

Anywho, That white thing at the top was supposed to be crown molding, the beige part means that I want to remove the hutch above the desk.
And to think I was pretty proud of what I taught myself of Photoshop…
But I just can’t bring myself to take another 5 hours to do another view of the room.
Just a little update! Comment below and tell me what projects you’ve been doing as of late.

2 thoughts on “A Long Awaited Room Update

  1. I just found your blog via YHL and have read a few of your posts but didn't notice your last name at first. Then it just “smacked” me in the face and had to comment…. We have the same awesome last name. Great blog!

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