Organizing The Beverage Center

Sorry I haven’t posted in like a week! A whirlwind trip to Rhode Island, school stuff and snowdays have been keeping me a little busy.

You can’t have a simple home with out cleaning and organizing, right?

One of my favorite rooms in my house (the kitchen) was in need of a little improvement. Since I had a snowday today I figured that it would be a good time to improve it a little.

So we are super spoiled and have a coffee center near our garage door.

Both sides are in need of help, but today I focused on the coffee side. Here’s where I started:

Not awful but pretty disfunctional. The close ups:

(Sorry about that weird color above, I have no idea what happened)
Inside of the cabinets was a bit of a train wreck too.
(My mom collects salt and pepper shakers, so that’s why we have a ton)
I first started out on the counters. One of my favorite tips is to create a separate workspace so that you have a place to put everything.
We have a free standing island and I thought that it would be the perfect place for that because it was already cleared and next to the center.
I started off by (well, changing into my pjs, but…) clearing the entire counter and putting everything onto the island.
(Sidenote: disregard the mascara…)
This is sooooooo important!
Why would you want to put your cookbooks back on to these little guys?
I know, suuuuper gross. Don’t worry, we have barely touched the cookbooks in the 3 years since we renevated the kitchen. Still gross. I know.
I would totally recommend Mrs. Meyer’s Countertop Spray. It’s all natural, it smells good and I love the packaging. Yes, that’s how I judge a product. Just kidding.
If your counters were anything like mine you picked up a fair amount of coffee grinds, dust and who knows what else.
Be sure to remember to get the wall and the ledge! (I think that’s what it’s called…)
It is totally just as important.
I then took all of the cookbooks and layed them out like so:

Since they have basically been just piling up junk for the past couple of years I got a trash can to help me sort everything out a bit and to de-clutter. I also made a pile of things to give away. My mom and are are not the cooking type, so there were a ton of cookbooks that were just wasting space.

After sifting through them to get rid of any random trash split them into actual cookbooks and some random manuals and magazines that happened to be mixed in.

After that I thought that I put the rest of the coffee makers, decorations and pod holders back and thought I was done.

But it wasn’t quite hitting the spot. After rearranging a bit it looked a little more like this…

Which I thought looked so much better.
Onto the cabinets, this is the smaller one before:

Again, I took everything out and put it on the island.
I remembered that about 3 years ago I got a tea bag organizer but once I looked it I realized that I drink about 0% of the tea we stored in there. So I took my favorite teas and made a little switcheroo.

and After:
It does look messier, but I promise that it was just a weird angle that caught all of the old bags. (Psst: as for what I did with the old bags, I put them in a drawer for whenever we needed them)
That shelf ended up looking like this:

Since I didn’t like the cookbooks on the counter I put the best looking ones on this next shelf. Paired with an air freshener and some coffee packets it ended up being my favorite end look, actually.

The bigger cabinet was in need of some major lovin with mugs randomly everywhere, it being so strangely decorated and so disfunctional.

I of course took everything out, paired everything down and then put it back together.
By some act of magic I only managed to brake one piece out of all of that ceramic! Holla!

Here are the afters:

And that completes the tour!

I really hoped you got something out of this and if you have any questions feel free to ask!
Have a wonderful day!

2 thoughts on “Organizing The Beverage Center

  1. Love it! So pretty and organized! I always organize the cabinet under my kitchen sink with a shower tension bar to hold spray bottles! It's so pretty and it macimizes my space by a lot! It's so fun to know you row crew. I love your blog thanks I'll be sure to follow it!


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