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Hi everyone! First off I want to sincerely apologize for the no posts thing going on. As I said in the last post I am super upset with with blogger because I wrote this post before and it didn’t save. So after four days writing this post I have to re-write it and find all of the sources that I used.

OK, enough of my whining, let’s get to the post:

I am going to start a new series on how to freshen your house, one room at a time. Simple enough, right? Um, nope. I hope these ten quick(ish) tips will help to get things going a bit. They won’t break the bank and they won’t take weeks so I think that this list would be a good place to start.

– 1. Make Your Own Headboard –
I am going make you give a second glance at this screen because what I am about to tell you is completely coming out of left field: Young House Love is where it’s at. 
If you click the Via link above, pretty detailed instructions are given. If your looking for a little more details this is the one for you.
– 2. DIY Some Art –

Since it is 6:30 AM (even though I have a 2 hour delay- woot!) It is a Friday morning and I have no tools to show you how to make some easy art but I have compiled some ideas on Pinterest for ya:
1  //  2  //  3  //  4  //  5  //  6
So I might have a little bit of an obsession with gold, blue and arrow type things.
1. I love this idea of pixel art and it looks pretty easy! If you are like I was a few weeks ago before I learned Photoshop (yes, I have the free version, don’t worry) ask ahead and I will totally give you a tutorial.
2. Ahh! I absolutely love this look. So simple yet so elegant.
3. Not really a fan of the book pages in the background, but I think that with just a plain chalkboard behind it, this ongoing scrabble game is sooo cute. The only thing that could go wrong is if you didn’t use magnets and the pieces were just a display. I think that that would look pretty tacky.
4. I love this ombre-ish transition and you would even have to use blue. What ever color works in your bedroom would be just fine.
5. Personally, I think that chevron is totally out but herringbone will be a forever trend. This re-imagined paint chip art is super awesome and it looks fairly simple to make. Winner.
6. I love this idea of spray painting paper and making it art. Super pretty.
– 3. Make Your Bed Everyday –
As unnecessary as this sounds (and believe me, I need to work on this too) making your bed will just bring a clean looking element to the room. It will only take about two minutes every morning so just getting it out of the way will feel so good.
– 4. Paint The Room Yourself –

Of course I have no idea if Caitlin painted this room herself but I love her style! This paint color is the perfect choice of this room. Caitlin of The Picket Fence Projects is so awesome and you should definitely check her out! She has a cute little nautical type style and her house is gorgeous. No joke, her windows are perfection. And her kitchen. My sister introduced her blog to me because she is like a friend of a friend or something like that. Well enough of this mini review, on to number five:
– 5. Paint The Furniture To Make It Fresh –

When I saw this nightstand on Pinterest I was in love:
I sort of didn’t believe it when I saw that she started here:
Definitely going to steal this idea. I absolutely love it!
– 6. Clean. The. Room –


Yeah, it said it. Such a crazy concept, right? Cleaning your room is a necessity whether you have the most gorgeous room in the history if rooms or whether it looks like it came out of the 70’s.
– 7. Install Crown Molding –

(YHL is having some sit issues right now, but if you go onto it and search “Adding Extra Beefy Crown Molding” you should find it)
This is obviously not the cheapest nor the easiest solution but it should make your room a lot more complete looking. DIY it or get professionals. Professionals will be a lot easier, but if you are feeling up to if search a good tutorial and good luck, my friend.
– 8. Hit The Jackpot At A Yard Sale –
Like my yard sale sign? Feel free to use it.
Caitlin (again) is notorious for doing this. half of the stuff in her house are from them. You can find the best stuff there.
– 9. Add A Mirror –

This will give the allusion of a much more open space. This exact mirror is ridiculously expensive but there are so many different options to choose from.
– 10. Get Some New Throw Pillows –

I adore this throw pillow from Target and there are so many other good options there on the cheap. Adding throw pillows is a great idea because it freshens up the bedding so that even if you have some dated stuff (as long as they match) the throw pillows will compliment them.
And that about wraps it up! Comment below and tell my what your favorite tip is. I want to know!

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