Well Thailand… (Part One)

Warning, if you do not plan on going to Thailand/ don’t care to hear about a review, this post is not the one for you. Thanks!
Other side-note!  I did not bring my nice camera on this trip! These pictures were taken either from my iPhone 4 (so the worse of the two) or my mom’s iPhone 5c (the better) or my sister’s phone. (An iPhone 5s just in case you’re wondering- which you’re probably not. Whatever.)
Third one’s the charm: I am a very detail oriented person, but if you’re not, no worries! I put the deep details at the end. If there is an asterisk and then a number after, the more in-depth review is coordinated at the bottom.
…you get two thumbs up! Woot woot!
**I am going to do this in two parts because it is really long and I went to two places basically.
I’m currently writing this in the hotel next to the airport which means I am going to be leaving tomorrow. Insert sad face.
I had a great time this past week and a half (or so)!
It was so beautiful, there was more English spoken/ written than I had originally thought would have been and it was sooo cheap!
I mean of course there were some faults (more on that later) but that is to be expected, right?
So starting from day one:
Take off! My uncle so generously upgraded us to business class (!) because he flies a lot for work. For the first couple of minutes I was on the plane I was sort of flipping out I was so excited!


(btw that’s my awesome mom)
So I guess that I would recommend business class. Jk, it was amazing.
Oh, and we took United Airlines. Props to them, they did a great job and that was the smoothest flight of my life!
Four hours of sleep, a couple of movies and 14 hours later we landed in Tokyo. (Narita Airport to be exact)
We were only there for like an hour so I can’t really tell you much. And it was also 4 a.m. my time, so I’m pretty sure whatever I remember from it is totally off.
From there we flew to Bangkok. The flight attendants were so sweet (United, again) and even let me and my mom visit the cockpit! So nice! I basically slept most of the flight, so nothing to report there.
When we got to Bangkok it was about 11:30 p.m. Thailand time. We were then ripped off by a “limo company” who charged us 1,000 baht (30 US dollars) for a 5 minute drive. Ugh. At least we got a BMW. Granted, it was the first thing we paid for since we left D.C. and at that point we were so exhausted we just wanted to get to the hotel. So I would recommend taking a taxi.
*1. The hotel that we stayed at (and I’m typing in right now) is called the Rafael Mansion. Obviously it’s not a mansion, but it’s pretty nice.
The next morning (Christmas Eve) we took a flight from Bangkok to Krabi. *2. Bangkok Airways was the name and uniqueness was definitely their game (in a good way that is).
When we arrived in Krabi we grabbed a bus. Not recommended. The bus was H O T and it took foreverrr. Take a cab.
We then grabbed a *3. longboat and rode over to Railay Beach.
This was personally my favorite place on this trip. We stayed at the *4. Railay Princess. When I was looking at the reviews for this hotel online they were pretty mixed. Some said that it was nice; some said that there was a lot of construction near their room and the service was not that great, but I really liked it.
The attractions we went to were the viewpoint, the beach andd some restaurants. Now that I’m reading that it doesn’t sound too terribly exciting, but I assure you, it was perfect. Also, don’t think that what we did are the only options, there are plenty more, we were just there for three days leaving us with limited options.The day that we went to the viewpoint (the day after Christmas) sadly, my mom got sick with what we thought was food poisoning but ended up being some sort of bug because eventually all of my siblings and I got it. :(  We are still a little bit sick now, but nothing to be worried about. That also narrowed down the options.If you decide to go to a viewpoint, it’s a great idea, but definately make sure that you are wearing appropriate shoes. This path is very exhausting. Very exhausting. The viewpoint is very beautiful, though, so it is worth it. If you decide to go to the lagoon, probably rethink. I stayed back but my brother, sister and my sisters boyfriend went. Unless you are a serious rock climber,they told me that it is pretty much straight down at the end and the lagoon was only so-so.

This is the main viewpoint that I went to. It took us about 20 minutes (maybe a little longer) to get up there. 
To give you a little perspective of the island, here is a detailed picture:

We liked the restaurants but there was nothing too special of un-special if you will, so I will not report on any.

Oh! The massages! How can I forget?

Over the course of the trip I got three (yes, three) of them for like 12.50 a pop. I got one in Railay and two in Phi Phi.

Sorry, I did not get any pictures of my massage (and why you would want to see a picture of that is beyond me) but figure that it looks like this:

So just like a normal massage. My brother had gotten a Thai one a few days before and warned my to probably not get one. A Thai massage is where they stretch you out a lot and he got some sort of pulled muscle during it, so I went with oil (which is basically the same as what you would get in the States). Unless you prefer to be stretched out a lot, I loved the oil, so I would recommend that to you.

So that is all for today, but stayed tuned for part two when we went to Phi Phi! Here’s a sneak peek:


*1. The Rafael Mansion:
…is certainly not the closest hotel to the airport but it is pretty highly rated on Trip Advisor. Since I haven’t been to one of the hotels closer, I can’t tell you that it is the greatest package, but it has free water (you can’t drink the tap water here), breakfast is served from 7-10 for 100 baht (about $3) the WiFi cards are 100 baht a device, there are taxis that pull up at the hotel I think about 24/7 and some of the staff speak English (not perfect, but enough) and the area is safe.
Some warnings:
– The breakfast is weird, but good. It comes with two eggs, coconut yogurt (which I thought was going to be gross but is delicious) two pieces of toast, bacon, OJ, coffee or tea, Oreos and a chicken nugget. Yeah, I don’t know where that came from. I guess that you could keep the Oreos for a snack later. The chicken nugget was actually pretty good. You know, strange, but good. Oh, and the coffee is SO good here. I don’t know what it’s from but it just tastes so fresh, and I can’t normally taste the difference in coffees but I could here.
-Don’t try to save money and only buy one WiFi card. That is, only if you have more than one device. If you want to use WiFi on both your phone and your laptop you have to log in one at a time. It’s pretty annoying. It’s only three bucks, people. Who cares, you’re on vacation.
-There is an elevator so don’t worry about your luggage.
-There are some “wild” dogs in the area. They will not come near you, but it is probable that they have rabies so I wouldn’t pet them. There is a little Chihuahua in the hotel (I assume it’s the owners dog) but don’t worry, it will not keep you up all night and it is confined to behind the front desk. I just put that in case you’re super scared of dogs.
-They do not provide a hairdryer. Bring your own if your want to.
-Like most hotels they have a refrigerator and a TV.
*2. Bangkok Airways
…like I said earlier, this is one unique airline. (Btw, their slogan is “Fly Boutique, Feel Unique”.) This is easily one of the best airlines I have ever flown on. The flight was only an hour and a half, but constant service was given. The flight attendants gave out lunch consisting of a small salad, some sort of meat (I think bologna maybe?) fruit, water, a bread roll, a small (and super yummy) cake, OJ and coffee or tea. Airlines in the U.S. these days give a tiny bag of pretzels and a small drink, so needless to say I was very impressed. Another unique part was the safety video. I am laughing just thinking about it. Oh boy, thank goodness for YouTube. Here it is. Yeah…
*3. Longboat
You are going to have to walk through a tiny bit of water (about one foot I would say) so make sure not to wear any long and tight pants or hard-to-get-off shoes. It’s really not that big of a deal, just a warning.
*4. Railay Princess
Like I said, some of the reviews I read online said that there was a lot of construction and that the staff was not helpful, but I thought that it was great. I would highly recommend it. The pool was beautiful, the room that I stayed in was very modern and the staff was very nice. This is a nice website, in my opinion.

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