Happy New Year!

You know 2013, I don’t think we’re going to be friends anymore. Humpf.

Believe me, we’ve had our ups and downs but man am I ready for 2014. Let’s hope it’s a good year.

Well to everyone back in the States, you are soooo last year. Being that Thailand is 12 hours ahead.

Well 2014 you better be up for the challenge, because man do I have some expectations for you. Let’s go:

1. Eat organic when possible.

2. LOOK AT COLLEGES!! Like what? I thought that first grade was just a couple of months ago! Geez, now I sound like my mom.

3. Write a post at least two times a week

4. Save up my money for a MacBook (air… I think…)

5. Stay fairly organized.

6. Be more optimistic.

Yes. I do realize that what I have to do to make these things happen comes from self motivation (I know, I know…) and yes, I only have six topics on the list. Do you know how many I had last year? Around 50. Guess how many I got done? I’m pretty sure z.e.r.o. Six is small and reasonable. Why I thought that I could cram making dinner once a week, finishing an entire coloring book (really, Sarah?), reading way more books, plus a ton of other not probable goals into one year was do-able? I have no idea. But I learned my lesson!

What are your goals from 2014?

Bam. I even have a logo. How ya like me now?
Ha. Happy New Year!

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