Yeah… Um Adios, Muchacho.

Finally! How I organized my bedroom.
Sorry for the super embarrassing before picture above. I literally just got generally what I wanted in there and it looks pretty bad. See here for how it looks now.
As for how I only let anything I absolutely needed in there, it was simple.
Tip #1. Put on some good music. Since it’s Christmas time, I gotta have some xmas music. Nothing better.
Tip #2. Try clothes on you haven’t worn in the past two weeks. (That includes other seasons, like if you only had winter clothes out, try the summer ones on too so that you can have more storage space and to get it over with).
The next pic is pretty embarrassing, but hey, whatever. It’s not like it’s going online for the whole world to see, Sarah.
Cringe. So bad…
Tip #3. My next tip is my fav: Don’t get too focused in one area. This will help keep you on track and not too too bored that you quit in the middle. I like to start out with gathering all my clothes, move to sorting makeup and random items, then try on my clothes… and so on.
Tip #4. Make your donation/ sell/ throw away pile the closest to you. Sometimes when we are organizing and purging, when the “keep” pile is so close it is really easy just to want to get every over with in a timely manner and we neglect to actually get rid of thing we don’t need making it less efficient in the long run and not as effective.
Since it is close to Christmas time and I had a lot of random presents laying around that had collected over the year I made a gift pile, but that is totally optional.
*This isn’t really a tip per-say, but I since I am moving to a new room and had to move all of my clothes from closet to closet and want to get rid of unnecessary things I took 4-5 hangers worth of clothing, put them in my new closet and then tried them on/ decided what I wanted.
I like to do rounds of small trips so I don’t move my whole closet and then get overwhelmed, because that is just how I get about these kinds of things and I strongly believe to use what works for you.
Tip #5. Pick and choose what keepsakes to keep and what are useful. I found this lovely wedding fund jar that I got in like fifth grade, and I thought that it was so funny that I was actually “saving up” for my dream wedding back then (even though the most amount of money I probably had in there was about 30 dollars) but I can never see myself using it in the future, but even if I did need to, it’s not like they are that expensive, so if I need  to buy it again it is no big deal. It is now paying for itself in valuable storage space.
Five simple tips for an efficient organizing day.
Comment below and tell me, what are your favorite purging tips?
Thanks for reading!

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