Thailand Packing Series- Toiletries

(This is my first actual nice looking photos-post! I finally got to editing them!_

Hey! So today I am going to go over what I am going to bring in my toiletries bag to Thailand.
Let’s get right into it…
The Bag:
Yeah, I know it’s super gross. It’s from Old Navy from a reallyyyy long time ago.
But, it does fit everything that I need and it’s cleaner than it looks.
In the first section we have:
(btw the bold stuff are not labels. I added them on my computer.) And yes, I will clean my toothbrush before I use it.
Everything (including everything in the bottles) is from Target because it’s the best.
The second section:
So I just have my favorite makeup and cotton pads.
Next up:
This hold my Clarisonic, picture below.
Yes, this was a pretty short post and not very exciting, but I feel in the spirit of this series now!
Have a great day!

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