Let’s See… Where To Start?


So you have just bought your first home.

You are super excited to renovate the bathroom, paint the kitchen cabinets, rip up the old carpets, paint the walls and get new furniture. Total cost: a lot.

You’re thinking to yourself: where the HECK do I start? There is so much to do, but I am already pinching my pennies as it is!

I want to show you today the moment you turn the key, what to do first.

See, I have never been in this situation, seeing that I’m 15 years old and I’ve lived in the same house my whole life but I have a pretty good feeling after all of my internet browsing.

Step 1: If your roof is leaking, get a new one. If you have a bright orange roof, but it’s in OK shape, don’t get a new one. Save your pennies for stuff that is 100% necessary! After you have all of that done, you can replace the roof. If the foundation of your house is in bad shape, fix it. If you live on the equator and you don’t have air conditioning, get it. Same goes if you live in Antarctica. Get some heat.

Step 2: As for the furniture, I am going to pretend that you have absolutely none. Buy a mattress and bedding for your room, some hangers, a couch for the living room and a table for your dining room. Obviously, some chairs for the dining room as well.

Step 3: Think about the rooms you will spend the most time in. The kitchen is a great place to start. If you’re walls are bright purple and you hate it, paint them a happy color of yours. This is a relatively cheap solution and odds are it will make the space feel bigger and more updated. If your bedroom is a deep red with a wall paper border and that’s not really your thing, painting it a color that you love will most likely distract you to even think that you even have a more complete room, even if you don’t even have a headboard and side tables.

Step 4: Update some light fixtures. Well, again for the rooms that you spend the most time in. If you mostly eat in the kitchen, save updating the dining room light fixtures for later. With this, if you upgrade the lights to LED, you may have a brighter light and save some energy which will just end up paying you back. This will make your rooms look less dark and dingy.

Step 5: Here is a great time to get started on updating the medium sized projects. Start with the ones you’ve been really itching to do for a long time. No big splurges at this time. I would start outside because when you come home, this will be the first thing that they will see. It might also make the neighbors a little happier too. Then most used rooms.

Step 6: You may now have time to do the smaller projects. Saving up the money that you didn’t have before, this is a great time to start to make your home, feel like home.

Step 7: Here is a great place to get started on bigger dream projects like updating the floors, bathrooms, new furniture, the kitchen and major appliances. It’s all downhill from here!

So those are my seven easy steps to creating your dream home!

Good luck!

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