Living Room Inspiration

Hi Guys! So today I just wanted to share some living room inspiration. Again, like I said in the other posts, I feel like there is a very stereotypical living room. Well, not even living room per say, here in the US we neglect to have a living room and go strait into a family room with a huge “comfortable” brown couch, big TV, oak coffee table. Personally, I think that you don’t even need a family room on the first floor because it is just too casual. Basements are where it is good to be a little more casual. This couch, no matter what room, is never acceptable:

(From) It gives me shivers. Well, and this one:

(From) But that is for wayy different reasons.

These just gives me shivers just looking at. The first one, granted, was from someone trying to sell that couch from their college days.

I love the couches from IKEA. I absolutely LOVEEE (of course) Young House Love’s living room. I love how they make everything blend together and it’s not too fancy/ nor too casual:


Other Pinterest finds that I like are as followed:
White fireplace against black wall
(From) I LOVE the black accent wall!
Beautiful and Soothing
(From) I love the gold accents!
Bright and airy family room makeover
(From) Those windows. I can’t even.
curbly living room
(From) I think I have a new found addiction to Emily Henderson…
emily henderson traditional
Here’s another view… because I’m obsessed with that window… and that door… and that coffee table…

Another view? Why not…
mid-century traditional
I love those floors.
Simple and comfy.
oomph tini II, oomph Finial@oomphonline @BrunschwigFils love how these pieces paired up so nicely for my latest project! Elizabeth Benedict
(From) So that looks like a super comfy chair.

(From) This is 100% the most gorgeous fireplace I have seen in my life.
sophisticated neutrals
(From) I love those chairs.
Cozy & Casual!  Love the blue stripe chairs!
(From) I think that I love everything.

-Recommended Pieces-
STRANDMON Wing chair IKEA You can really loosen up and relax in comfort because the high back on this chair provides extra support for your neck.
(From) BTW, guess who’s sitting in that chair right now? Moi. (oh, and no, I’m not at IKEA. I’m in my sunroom)
STOCKHOLM Sofa IKEA The cover is easy to keep clean as it is removable and can be dry cleaned.
(From) Yeah, nice and cheap. Am I making up for yesterdays dining room post? Getting there.
Home decor inspiration- cheval floor lamp.
(From) I know what you’re thinking. Joann? Craft Store? That’s what I was thinking too when I was shopping for some fabric. Weird. But beautiful…
Mudhut™ Hope Window Panel - 55x84
(From) These look a lot like the ones that the bloggers of Young House Love had in there old house. They are a bit much, but they will add some dimension in your living room.
(From) I absolutely love Urban Outfitters carpets.
Art Print,The Lemon Tree, Folk Art inspired, print of watercolor painting, green, brown and yellow, limited edition, Mediterranean
(From) This painting makes me so happy. Isn’t is so sweet? I LOVE this Etsy shop. There are tons of paintings just like this.
(From) The blanket is what I’m looking at BTW
And last but not least the coffee table:
Thanks for reading!

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