My Favorite Blogs

#1: Young House Love

This is like the cutest couple and there is not one bit of anything on their blog that I do not like. I would definitely recommend them. And you definitely don’t have to have a girly style to like them. It is very gender-balanced over there. Also, they do everything with a budget in mind. Check them out here:

#2: iHeart Organizing

Jen has the GREATEST style! She is my second favorite because even though it is her full-time job like Young House Love, she does not keep up with posts like them. She has maybe 2 personal posts a week. (Not a giveaway, guest post, reader redesign.)

But! What’s great about her is that she looks at every single detail. Even if you are not a crazy organizer, I think that you will love her. She does a lot of home decor and DIY things. She also does everything with a budget in mind. See her here:

Yes. I only like 2 blogs. Everyone else does not have my style, or there sight confuses me or its a little too off- topic sometimes. But I check on these two every single day!

Hope you enjoy!

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